Mastermind Session 002

How to sustainably grow an agency model / professional services


DATE:12. April | TIME:6pm GMT / 7pm CET

This is an online event

Mastermind Session Format:

When service providers are growing, the question of service delivery is crucial. To make your growth sustainable and retain your existing clients while onboarding new customers you need to maintain excellent service delivery. But how do you do it in practice? Do you need to productise your service? To hire more people? Countless questions for countless answers.

Indie Club is introducing a new event format, where the goal is to foster interactions among participants. In our Mastermind events, each participant is also a speaker. The idea is to tackle a topic together so that we can become better Indies!


Why do we ask for a £2 fee? We want to make sure that each person that signs up will commit to attending the event. We're limiting the capacity to 10 tickets to make sure everyone will get a chance to speak their mind during the event.